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"YOLK" - 6'1 x24" Acrylic Runner

"YOLK" - 6'1 x24" Acrylic Runner

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I reached the end of the internet in 2008. Before the YouTube algorithm ate time like a Langolier, before Amazon owned the United States Air Force's servers, and before Google was a verb, the internet had a literal end. If one was to work hard enough to push their loved ones and real-life experiences away, and just dive and dive and dive, one could reach the end. I did it on a Tuesday at 11:46 AM. I was late for something. My eyes could barely focus, but I saw the end like a pin prick from space, and I clicked on the final link. The end of the internet was a Twitter account for a 13-year-old boy from Baraboo, Wisconsin. He didn't post any photos; he didn't have any followers, he just had a simple bio that read, "one tweet for every sneeze." All his tweets were just numbers; a running count of every time he sneezes, usually 3 or 4 posts in a quick burst. It's never changed and still runs to this day. I checked last month and his last tweet was 21,914. I think it's the most beautiful thing the internet has ever created. 


This 72" x 24" runner is 100% acrylic yarn, finished with a grey thread serge on a non-slip back.  Originally influenced by topographical maps, I had planned on calling it "Mountain", then my mom saw it and said, "looks like an egg." Sometimes our name finds us.

Liked a rug online but didn't love it in your home? No worries. We offer a 14 day return policy. We charge a 10% restocking fee to cover our shipping costs. Clothing, koozies, and commissioned sales are final. 

PLEASE NOTE: While all rugs are made for the floor, rugs do wear at different rates. Acrylic rugs will lose some of their volume over time and are best in a lower traffic area. Wool rugs will last much longer. All rugs should be spot cleaned only with a non-abrasive cleaner (Resolve works well). While these rugs have a non-slip backing, we do recommend an additional non-slip pad underneath.

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