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"DOWNTOWN SUNSET" - 72"x25" Acrylic Runner

"DOWNTOWN SUNSET" - 72"x25" Acrylic Runner

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My first close-to-death experience was on a cross country flight at 18 years old. It was sunset over the rockies, I had a window seat facing north. I was reading volume "N" of the Encyclopedia Britannica, ignoring the tepid romantic comedy playing on the cabin's shared t-screen just above the persistently "occupied" bathroom ideogram. My attention was drawn outside, taking in the peace only obtainable 20,000 feet above the earth, when something drew my attention just behind the number 3 engine. What was it? A small black spot, perhaps smoke from the engine had singed the wing. Was that normal? Can we maintain our altitude? I was struck by the realization I was strapped into this metallic tube. Fear began to take a hold of me. The dark spot began to grow. What was just soot on the flaps began to engulf the the wing itself. My heart was racing. I was 90% sure we could not continue this flight without both wings. From flap to front edge, the black markings cut across the entire wing. "You fools!" I screamed, "I can't die watching Matthew McConaughey!" Then I felt the plane turn and a calm came over me, not at my acceptance of death, but at my realization that I was going to live. That black marking was not the shadow of the scythe of the Reaper, it was simply the shadow of the planes rear stabilizer cast on the wing as the sun dipped down below the Colorado mountains. 

"DOWNTOWN SUNSET" is 100% acrylic yarn edged in bright yellow on a non-slip black backing. The background grey sections have been shaved lower than the lilac and blue buildings giving this rug a third dimension to enjoy. Wearing your socks would be a sin.

Liked a rug online but didn't love it in your home? No worries. We offer a 14 day return policy. We charge a 10% restocking fee to cover our shipping costs. Clothing, koozies, and commissioned sales are final. 

PLEASE NOTE: While all rugs are made for the floor, rugs do wear at different rates. Acrylic rugs will lose some of their volume over time and are best in a lower traffic area. Wool rugs will last much longer. All rugs should be spot cleaned only with a non-abrasive cleaner (Resolve works well). While these rugs have a non-slip backing, we do recommend an additional non-slip pad underneath.

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